GIS and RS Data Sets

anim_3 Here is a collection of a variety of data sources from where free datasets can be attained both in raster and vector format for Pakistan.  For more additional data have a look at Pakistan GIS

1. We have formulated some quick ways to get high resolution geo-referenced images from Google Earth. At present, We have good resolution aerial photographs for almost all District Cities and Tehsil Cities of Punjab
2. CAD Based digitized maps for 34 Districts of Punjab
3. Scanned Maps of Districts of Punjab
3. MODIS images for the whole Pakistan (250m resolution)
MODIS real time data
4. GeoCover2000 Data for whole Pakistan
Geocover data pak

5. SRTM Data V3 for the whole Pakistan

6. Vector datasets for roads, railways, water bodies, administration boundaries of Pakistan
7. Simulated Earth image at 60 arc seconds for all Seven Continents
8. MODIS Earth image at 30 arc seconds for all Seven Continents

9. Gtopo30 digital elevation model data for all Seven Continents

10. LANDSCAN population 2000 data for all Seven Continents

11. Gazetteer of about 475 populated places in Pakistan with their population and location coordinates

12. Vector datasets for world continents, regions, countries, 2nd level administration boundaries, islands, major rivers & lakes, time zones, Lat/Long and UTM Zones

13. Vector dataset for the earthquake fault lines, earth geological plates, volcanoes’ locations around the globe

14. World gazetteer of airports and its vector data of locations

15. Gazetteer of more than 188000 populated places around the globe with coordinates